10 Naruto Characters Who Deserve to Be Better

Throughout the years of Naruto, we've had so many great characters. 

However, not every character in the naruto series gets to do either. 

Here are 10 naruto characters that absolutely deserve better.

1. TenTen

TenTen is a decisive female naruto character, whose live goals are to prove that she can start from the bottom and actually become a legendary kunoichi.

But Kishimoto keeps her ignored by the boy she fancied most of the time and steal every single opportunity she had to do something important for the plot (legendary ninja tools).

Even after the ending of the manga, her outcome in unknown.

It hasn't been confirmed if she actually managed to be noticed by Lee, so the possibility of her being THE ONLY main girl with no descendant/heir of her techniques is still alive.

And instead of kicking butts as a legendary kunoichi, she is selling her own weapons? She deserves more.

2. Metal Lee

Not only his name remained a secret for months, but he is the only next-gen naruto character with no lines and that didn't make it to the third round of the chuunin exams.

His relationship with Lee was put into doubt since the very beginning, his role as the third member of Boruto's team got stolen by the came-out-of-nowhere kid of a villain, and his mother's name remains unconfirmed.

It's like Kishimoto put zero effort on him, unlike the other next-gen kids. And that's plain unfair.

3. Aburame Shino

So much talent, charisma and incredible techniques... but he gets ignored during the second half of the series and we don't even know if he managed to become a jounin.

Though we know him being a teacher at the end of naruto but, what about his role as the next Aburame clan leader?

It seems Kishimoto suddenly forgot that there are other clans out of Ino-Shika-Cho. We don't even have an Aburame kid among the next-gen.

4. Maito Gai

Ok, he is a legendary naruto character... WHO CAN'T WALK!!!! Tsunade was okay with giving Sasuke a new arm but didn't think about using that with Gai's legs?

Maito Gai was a great example for a whole generation of kids who leart to never give up, and that you will remain young as long as you believe it.

In the end, the greatest example of strengh and youth can't walk anymore and acts like an old man who has accepted his cruel destiny?

5. Inuzuka Kiba

Kiba was one of Naruto's rivals when the series started.

He also dreamed about becoming hokage and being respected by everyone, but at some point Kishimoto turned him into a walking joke and even managed to have him look pathetic...

The only good thing that ever happened to him is his girlfriend and even that came out of nowhere.

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6. Hyuga Neji

Well, unlike other naruto characters who survived, he had great feats in both parts of the manga series and chose his own destiny/ending by sacrifizing himself for Hinata and Naruto.

Other characters like Kakashi and Shizune got resurrected while he remained dead in a really symilar situation.

Not only that, he didn't die in an amazing battle, but a branch kills him... A BRANCH... is this supposed to be a joke?

7. Yamato

An ex-ANBU member, second jounin in charge of Team 7... and everybody forgets about him during war. EVERYBODY.

He even got a lame ending keeping an eye to Orochimaru's hideout, and he seems to do his job quite badly as Orochimaru keeps on doing weird experiments and killing kids in order to remain young.

8. Mizuki

Did you remember who he is? Well, that's the reason he is in this list.

The very first villain of the naruto series, the one who started it all, the origin of Naruto... and while Orochimaru, Tobi, Madara and other mass-murderers are forgiven by the main character he is still in jail for trying to steal a scroll?!

9. Uzumaki Karin

Tragic past, last survivor of the Uzumaki clan, powerful healing and offensive techniques, mature enough to give up on the guy she loves and befriend his wife, smart as hell...

And all that to end up with one of the few pictures of her being covered in the name of forced drama.

10. Akimichi Chouji

This naruto character just wanted a sweet wife like his mom and a family who loved and respected him.

Kishimoto decided to pair him up with Karui, even though she wanted a completely different type of guy for herself, who doesn't even respect the Ino-Shika-Cho tradition.

Not only that, the whole Gaiden series focused on her daughter looking for a cooler father and she only started to like him at the end, when she discovered that he could become fit.

Yeah, he found a wife, but other girls would have fit better in that role. As the title says, he is one of the Naruto characters who deserved better.


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