Miller On How Superman: Year One Compares To Dark Knight Returns’ Man of Steel

At a panel celebrating 80 years of Superman at this year’s New York Comic Con, comics legends Frank Miller explained how his Superman is going to differ from the one he offered up in his 1986 comic The Dark Knight Returns.

“He’s mythic,” Miller said of the Man of Steel. “My Superman is not going to be the Superman from Dark Knight. Superman is a mythic character, he’s supernatural in a certain sense. He’s not gonna tell you how to vote. He’s going after much larger truths, and they’re going to be truthful and moral, not political.”


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When asked about his initial inspirations for writing Superman, Miller said he looked at “some of the Joe Shuster strips. Superman’s wonderful in many ways, but just when he needs a lift, it seems like history provides one. Superman was good, but when WWII hit, he grew astronomically.”

“By the time I was first reading him as a child, he’d become a status quo hero,” Miller continued. “What I want to do is help bring him back to being this iconic force, and maybe bring up the truth and justice, and just not be so noisy about the American way part.”

“This series is introducing him as if he’s a brand new character,” Miller added about Superman: Year One. “Much like Batman: Year One, it’s supposed to be the kind of book you hand them.”

Announced in March, as part of the inaugural line of DC Black Label titles, Superman: Year One reunites Miller with his Daredevil: Man Without Fear collaborator John Romita, Jr. The miniseries was originally expected to be released this past August, but has since been pushed back to a later, unannounced release date.

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Superman: Year One is written by Frank Miller and illustrated by John Romita, Jr. and expected to be released under the DC Black Label imprint.

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