DC Reveals First Look at Flash: Year One

This weekend at New York Comic Con, DC announced The Flash: Year One and its creative team: Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter. Along with the announcement came two pieces of art showing Barry Allen getting into the swing of things during his first year of heroism.

The first image shows him lacing up new shoes, which are notably yellow on a mountain of red shoes that his running has seemingly blown through. The second provides a brief glimpse of his prototype costume, which includes a hood and backpack. It’s worth noting in the first image that Barry has also got elbow and knee pads on, hinting that he fully hasn’t learned how to perfect his speedster powers.

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Discover Barry Allen's first year as the Scarlet Speedster in THE FLASH: YEAR ONE, a new story coming next year from writer @Williamson_Josh and artist @MrHowardPorter. Here's a FIRST LOOK at the art direct from the #NYCC DC World's Finest panel! #DCNYCC pic.twitter.com/YxyfjbecDI

— DC (@DCComics) October 6, 2018

The book is also confirmed to be canon and compares to how Batman: Year One took place within the Dark Knight’s ongoing run.

Williamson has been writing The Flash since 2016 and recently wrote Justice League Odyssey (and its direct predecessor, Justice League: No Justice), while Porter has provided art and interiors for The Flash since Williamson took over writing duties. Williamson often tweets out the covers and art that Porter provides for him in the lead up to the issue’s release.

The last “Year One” storyline for The Flash took place in 1992 during writer Mark Waid and artist Greg LaRocque’s The Flash #62-65 and served as a new origin for Wally West. The story arc was also subtitled, “The Flash: Born to Run.”

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“The Flash: Year One” by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter debuts in 2019 from DC Comics

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