NYCC: DeConnick, Tynion, Tomasi & More Explore the DC Universe

DC Comics brought its finest to New York City. Aquaman scribe Kelly Sue DeConnick, Martian Manhunter writer Steve Orlando, Adventures of the Super Sons‘ Peter J. Tomasi, Justice League Dark writer James Tynion IV and The Flash scribe Joshua Williamson stopped by New York Comic Con for the publisher’s World’s Finest panel, where they offered updates on their upcoming and current projects.

“So, if you have been following the book for a while, the last two years have been a really exceptional, high-drama, political intrigue undersea in Atlantis story. We’re going to be shifting away from that,” DeConnick said of her Aquaman run. “It’s myself with Robson Rocha… but he is amazing and he has this really epic style… of all of my books in terms of music, this Aquaman run is Zepplin. It is big! It is stenciled on the side of a van! It is mythic, heavy cords and heavy, screeching vocals.”

“So we’re going to be doing some stories on land. We’re going to be taking Aquaman to the side a little bit to set our tone for the book. It should be, if we’re doing our jobs well, then it should be an Arthur who is familiar fans of the man — you should see and recognize your beloved hero,” she continued.

“I found some themes in there that I’m really, really interested. While we’re not doing quite the Momoa incarnation of the character, there’s a still of him I have of him… but he’s like got his hair down in his eyes and he’s soaking wet and he looks like Metallica’s best roadie, but when he looks up, there’s this beautiful mischievous twinkle in his eye. It’s a hero energy, and you can see it. It’s the thing that brings us to this genre. It the thing that’s go magnetic… the people who have the energy to keep fighting to fight. I want the Arthur that we know and love, and I want that swagger,” she concluded.

“So Electric Warriors! I cannot be more excited about this book,” Orlando shared. “It’s our take on the future of Kirby’s DC Universe… It’s before Legion of Super-Heroes… If you are a huge DC fan, everything you see will be intermingled and interwoven in new and fascinating ways… All the characters are all-new…”

“My third collaboration for Riley Rossmo,” he said of Martian Manhunter. “This is our first look at the death of Mars… We work in an open plot format. I don’t break the page into panels… This is about his journey to heroism, first as Detective John Jones, then as J’onn J’onnz, then as Martian Manhunter.” The book will show part of Mars “you’ve never seen before.”

Next, Tomasi weighed in on Adventures of the Super-Sons. “This is the book that I just make myself laugh at everytime I write it it,” Tomasi shared, revealing that his son and his friends provide plenty of inspiration for the series. “It’s a pallet cleanser to a degree… It’s a blast writing those two kids… Really proud to have a great team on this book… I want it to be a real gateway book and it’s been a real blast.” He is grateful for the appreciation of younger readers.

“Detective Comics #994 comes out in December,” he revealed. “It’s a big-ass mystery box that Batman has in front of him for this. He really has to put his heart and mind on the edge for it… The main thing I wanted to do with this story was give him a really good mystery.” He also wanted to “take Batman apart” to show his strengths. “Everything that makes him Batman, I wanted to sort of examine it… Obviously, I’ve been blessed with the great Doug Manhke. Just a consummate storytelling.”

“Detective #1000 will reveal the next big villain and it will take up a chunk of issues after that,” he teased.

According to Williamson, “Barry’s been running around the world” in the wake of Flash War. “I’ve always wanted to tell a weird, trippy story with the Flash, and that’s what this is,” he teased. “For a while, since the end of Flash War, he’s been pretty directionless… he’s confronted with the idea he’s no longer the fastest man alive… Him and Iris actually go on this adventure all over the world… There’ll be some new powers, some new villains… It’s almost like Barry and Iris going on a honeymoon adventure. Like a honeymoon adventure! Don’t get me in trouble.” The Flash #58 will take Barry to Gorilla City.

“In January, we’re going to do a Flash annual that’s going deal with Heroes in Crisis. It’s going to have Bart in it. Godspeed is coming back. Bart is going to be in the book… before he goes over to Young Justice,” Williamson revealed. “With this annual, this annual is super sad because of what happened in Heroes in Crisis. Barry has to tell Iris about Wally, and it’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever had to write in my life… It’s really highly emotional.”

As to Witching Hour, Tynion said,  “This is sort of the next step in the story that started in Justice League Dark #1. Basically, we’re taking Diana, a character grounded in mythology… and now she’s being thrown into the midst of a more frightening side of the magical world,” he said.

“We wanted to create the monsters that the monsters fear,” he shared. “This is all a huge story… I’m playing with a lot of big pieces. This story is going to have devastating effects for the magical side of the DC Universe.”

At the panel, Williamson announced he will write a “Year One” storyline in The Flash.

“Ever since I got the job on The Flash, I’ve wanted to tell this one story,” Williamson recalled. “I kept asking for it, asking for it, asking for it… This year, the book we’re announcing that we’re going to be doing… We’re going to be doing Barry’s first year as the Flash.” Williamson cited Barry’s hope and optimism as the aspect of the Flash that inspired him to write this storyline. He wanted to explore how Barry came to be this way in the wake of his mother’s death and the early tragedies of his life.

“It’ll be in The Flash title like how ‘Year One’ was in the Batman title,” he added.

“I’m doing a Black Label book called Hisotria that is the history of the Amazon from the perspectives of the Amazons… I’m working with Phil Jimenez,” DeConnick explained. “So this is conceived as a really big project. I’m super in love with it. I’ve found that Hera and everyone, but especially Hera and Zeus… She is my fury incarnate.”

Asked what other character she would like to write, DeConnick said, “Lois Lane. I have such an affection for journalists, and especially today. The attack that they are under for the important work that they are doing. I think the heroism of someone who is not powered and is out there fighting for truth… I super love Lois Lane.”

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