Winter Soldier Series Will Basically Reinvent Bucky Barnes

Writer Kyle Higgins shed insight into his upcoming Winter Soldier miniseries with artist Rod Reis on Saturday evening during the Marvel: True Believers Panel at New York Comic Con, calling it a story which will reinvent the character.

When asked about the adventures planned for Bucky Barnes, Higgins said the new story “always pointed to the Winter Soldier as what a sidekick should be.” He added, “I feel like the redemption story’s been done. Basically, we turn Bucky Barnes into an AA sponsor for people trying to stop being evil.”

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Higgins has cited Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s work with the assassin-turned-Avenger as an influence, where he returned as a Hydra operative only for Captain America to stop his brainwashing. Bucky then operated as a hero from the shadows, even donning the mantle of Cap in secret when Steve died. This is the stigma of the character Higgins wants to flip on its head by having Bucky now saving lives in the light, with his face public and helping fellow heroes overcome their dark pasts.

It’s an interesting direction for Bucky as he was seen as an enemy of the state for so long, which carried over into him being part of the Secret Avengers, and working on covert missions with the likes of Nick Fury and Black Widow.

Winter Soldier # 1 by Kyle Higgins and Rod Reis is scheduled to go on sale December 5.

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