9 Free Cricut Projects for Beginners: Adding Creative Touch!

 Hey, dear crafters! I got you some free Cricut projects for beginnersDo you want to explore them? Let’s look into it. I have been crafting with Cricut machines since I bought them. Whether it is personalized projects or anything else, Cricut has helped me so much.

My crafting journey started with small tools like scissors and the required materials. But now I am capable of making large projects in no time. With Cricut, it is superbly easy to handle tasks that are bigger and require precise cuts. Different types of Cricut cutting machines are available in Cricut’s lineup, helping crafters with their crafting needs.

However, there are some DIY projects that you can’t make for free as their designs cost a few dollars. Hence, if you are looking for beginner-friendly free Cricut project ideas, check out this blog.

  • Gift Tags

Why don’t you add gift tags when you want to create your gifts? Create this one of the free Cricut projects for beginners and offer an awesome handmade gift to anyone you love. Gift tags can be a lovely decorative item you can try making any time with your Cricut machine. Using a cardstock sheet, I created these beautiful projects. Now, it’s your turn!

  • Cardstock Wreath

Here is my favorite cardstock wreath! Doesn’t it look so real? It can be easier to make this project when you put a little effort into it. Don’t forget to create such beautiful projects and decorate your home like you never did before! Create these leafy designs on Cricut Design Space, or get the design from the Cricut app. However, putting in extra effort is not a big deal as you can easily create this project from scratch.

  • Pillow Box

So now you want to make some beautiful pillow boxes. Don’t worry; here I have one of the free Cricut projects for beginners that is easy to create. With Cricut, you can create and finish the designs in no time. Whether you want to use cardstock or poster board, you can make this Cricut project without hassle. Use supplies like glue, paper, matching paper cord, XL scrapper, and cutting machine with its essential accessories.

  • Birthday Card

Here is the birthday card I made for my husband’s 30th birthday. On his birthday, I love to shower him with love through the magic of words. I believe in expressing my thoughts conventionally, like our great-grandfathers used to send letters.

I used vinyl on cardstock to make this simple birthday card, and I saw this beautiful, simple-looking card. If you find it an interesting idea, give it a shot!

  • Phone Case

Elevate your phone’s cover with your Cricut and find the design free. You can also create this simple design yourself. All you will need is the Cricut Design Space software, and then you are ready to go. For this, I recommend you use a transparent phone case and any Cricut machine you want to use. Despite these, you will want transfer tape and Cricut software. Rest, you are good to go.

  • Leather Keychains

Do you know what excites me the most about Cricut projects? It is the materials, and when I have to make something out of leather, I get too excited. I have created many free Cricut projects for beginners using leather, which include keychains, earrings, and much more. I have tried more such projects that included leather materials. Try this project and beautify your keys with these keychains.

  • Earrings

Have you ever created any sort of jewelry using leather? No? It’s okay! Here, I created a pair of earrings using green faux leather. In the beginning, you might be overwhelmed to see this project, but trust me, this is going to be one of the easiest projects ever. To create this, you can cut faux leather using your Cricut machine.

  • Coasters

If you want to try free Cricut projects for beginnersbring blank coasters from the market and decorate them using your smart Cricut machine. Choose your materials, select your infusible ink transfer sheet, and transfer them onto your Cricut coaster. From Cricut Joy to Cricut Maker 3, they can easily help you create your coaster the way you want it.

  • T-Shirt

Feel kind while creating this T-shirt using your trusty Cricut machine. This shirt can be a great idea; try making it with different vinyl colors. My daughter loved this T-shirt when I gifted it to her after she received good marks in her exams. She was truly ecstatic when she found this handmade shirt. Hence, using iron-on material and its perfect companion — the Fluorescent Pink Glitter- is the best way to get this beautiful shirt.


Question 1: What are free Cricut project ideas?

Answer: Endless options are available for crafters looking for Cricut project ideas. Here are a few ideas that you can consider in your projects:

  1. Mugs

  2. Autumn pumpkin cart

  3. Puzzle

  4. Cupcake wrappers

  5. Photo booth props

  6. Glass etching

  7. Wedding decor

Question 2: How to find free Cricut projects?

Answer: If you are looking for free projects to make on your Cricut machine, you can easily find them on the Cricut Design Space itself. In order to find the designs for free, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Open Cricut Design Space on your device.

  2. Then, click on the New Projects on the canvas’s left side.

  3. Now, tap the drop-down menu located under All Categories.

  4. After that, you need to select Free.

  5. Finally, you will find 70+ free project designs.

Question 3: What are some free Cricut projects to make with cardstock?

Answer: If you only want to make free projects with cardstock material, you have the following options to try. Also, these projects are simple to find and make on your Cricut cutting machine.

  1. Cake topper

  2. 3d layered pine tree

  3. Farmhouse paper leaves

  4. Cute unicorn bookmark

  5. DIY cardstock wreath

  6. Banners

  7. Wedding card

Source: free Cricut projects for beginners

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