20 Funniest Naruto Moments That You Can't Help Laugh out Loud

Naruto is well known not only for its action-packed fights and longer arcs, but also for its funny moments fulls of intermittent humor and running gags.

Here are just 20 of the funniest moments from Naruto and its sequel and spinoff.

1. When Naruto and Sasuke accidentally end up kissing in the third episode.

2. When Kakashi sneaks up behind him and catches Naruto by surprise with 1000 Years of Pain.

3. When Team 7 drive themselves insane trying to figure out what Kakashi looks like under his mask.

4. When Naruto realizes the cute girl he's been talking to is actually a boy.

5. When Rock Lee reminds everyone in Naruto: Shippuuden that Naruto's first kiss was with Sasuke.

6. Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto

7. When Pakkun offers to let Shikamaru touch his paws if he behaves himself and does good on a mission.

8. When Naruto uses his Reverse Harem Jutsu against the most powerful ninja in existence... and mentions that he's been practicing it in secret even more than his Rasengan.

9. When Rock Lee tries to give Neji a piggyback and the latter refuses without a moment's hesitation.

10. When Guy dresses up and pretends to be a woman for a game show.

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11. When Biscuit tells Sakura that she won't be able to score any men if she's making a face like that.

12. When Sasuke laments that his kisses always end up being with Naruto.

13. When Tsunade walks in on Izumo and Kotetsu at the wrong moment and mistakes them for a gay couple.

14. When Rock Lee and Guy end up wearing the same skimpy seashell bathing suit on a beach trip.

15. When Orochimaru, pretending to be Gaara, accidentally suggests he wants to have sex with a crossdressing Neji on their first date.

16. When Ebisu and Iruka seem unfazed by Sexy Jutsu and so Naruto and Konohamaru use a forbidden Student-Teacher variation to subdue them.

17. "Everyone, let us through! This lovesick fool needs medical attention!" - Neji Hyuuga

18. "Peekaboo!~" - Neji Hyuuga

19. When Naruto and Rock Lee try to figure out just what makes Neji so superior...

20. "But even I found someone to love me, the sheltered daughter of a bigwig film company president." - Orochimaru

Though there are plenty of touching and heartwarming scenes in the anime, Naruto and its sequel are still chock-full of jokes and funny moments as well!


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