Anime Series Like SYD

Ousai Private Academy used to be an all-girls school, but Takatoshi Tsuda is among one of the first male students. However, on his way to class, he is stopped by the student president who needs a male’s point of view in order to better accommodate new male students. As such, she ends up making him the vice president of the student council. However, this seemingly upstanding institution is not quite what it seems.

Nothing finer than a series that looks normal but is distinctly pervy. For more anime recommendations, head on down below.

For Fans of Sex Jokes

B Gata H Kei

Yamada is beautiful and just entering high school, but she has one strange goal – to have casual sex with 100 men. The problem is that she is afraid of being teased for being a virgin. Upon happenstance, she stumbles upon a solution to her problem, the soft-spoken (also virgin) Kosuda. The problem is, he knows nothing about sex and is a shy gentleman about it.

If you enjoyed the dirty jokes in SYD, then this is a series to follow up with. Both shows kind of throw the demure disposition of Japanese women out the window and turn them into the rampant perverts we all know they can be.


While Japan was once the pit of sexual depravity, new morality laws and the Peace Making system used to monitor the populace has seen Japan rise to the peaks of public morality. With all lewdness censored to the point that children do not know how babies are made, an infamous erotic terrorist named Blue Snow has risen. One day, average high schooler and son of an infamous erotic terrorist himself, Tanukichi Okuma, is saved by Blue Snow on his way to his new high morality high school, only to be drawn into her new erotic terrorist organization, SOX.

While SYD is just a show about making jokes, similarly Shimoneta crafted some basic plot in order to make as many dirty jokes as possible. However, while SYD is feverish with their jokes, Shimoneta is insane.

My Girlfriend is Shobitch

Shinozaki is interested in the class representative Kousaka. She is prefect in every way, which makes her acceptance of his confession so surprising. However, afterwards, he finds out that she is less prefect then expected. Although having never been in a relationship, she vows to please him in every way, including studying up on sex positions and fetishes.

Shobitch is more focused on romance, but just like SYD, they turn the dial to eleven when it comes to the dirty jokes. It is a serious barrage in both shows, but if you love them, you will love this.

For Fans of Student Council Shenanigans

Student Council’s Discretion

The student council of Hekyou Gakuen is all chosen by popular vote, so of course they are all cute girls. The only exception is Ken Sugisaki who managed to get a spot by being the top scoring student of the year. Now he spends his time trying to turn the student council into his harem while the girls focus on more important things like running festivals and driving Ken mad.

In SYD, the guy is dragged into the student council. In Student Council’s Discretion, the male tries to turn it into his harem. So really, they are pretty similar, but Ken is kind of upfront with his desires, making him the center of the ecchi comedy instead of the girls like in SYD.

Medaka Box

As the perfect girl, it is only natural that Medaka Kurokami would win the election for school president by a landslide. Her first order of business is to install a “Medaka Box” in which the students could request her help. Medaka fulfills these requests with top speed, adding a flower to the student council room with each student helped. However, during her trials, she discovered a malicious plot on the academy and herself.

Medaka Box is essentially SYD without all the dirty jokes and with really only one gigantic weirdo running the whole organization. While you don’t get the same array of characters, Medaka and her tasks carry the show just fine.

My Wife is the Student Council President!

Hayato Izumi is the perfect respectable student and is running for student council president. However, after his competition, Ui Wakana, promises sex education and free condoms, she wins by a landslide. Still sore about his loss, things become even more complicated when Ui moves in with him. Apparently their parents, the filthy lushes that they are, made a drunken promise to have their kids marry each other. Can he keep their life a secret and the student council in line at the same time?

While the obvious difference is that My Wife is Student Council President is a short episode series and more focused on romance, in both shows you watch how weird the student councils are.

For Fans of Comedy Harems


Kodaka Hasegawa is anything but a delinquent. However, because of his blonde hair and bad boy face, he has been labeled as such. When classmates shiver in your presence, it makes it difficult to make friends. Yet, when Kodaka meets Yozora, a girl that is perhaps a bigger outcast than him, the pair start the Neighbors’ Club. In the Neighbors’ Club, those without any friends are invited to join, but not all personalities may mesh well.

SYD has a student council populated by weirdo girls. Haganai is about a club that is started by two outcasts for outcasts to make friends. As you expect, weird people attract more weird people and comedy ensues.


Kazama thinks he has what it takes to take over his high school with his gang, even if it is just his two friends in it. However, when his gang has a run in with the four unique girls of the Game Development Club, he is shanghaied in as a member himself.

Although D-Frag focuses on gaming comedy, like SYD, it is about a normal guy that is dragged into all sorts of shenanigans by the females around him. In both series, each girl has a distinct quirk that is used for comedy.


After their parents died, brother and sister Akito and Akiko were sent to live in separate foster families. Six years later, they are finally reunited and going to the same school. However, Akiko has developed a huge brother complex while Akito only sees his sister as a sister he must protect, yet that won’t stop her from trying to win his affections.

Despite the light plot about a sister trying to win her brother’s affections, this series, like SYD, packs in a lot of odd girls and one guy that plays the straight man for the comedy. So, in essence, they are both about a normal guy surrounded by increasingly odd women.

Do you have any more good anime recommendations like SYD? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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