Amaury guichon wife is Fiona Guichon, who was previously Fiona Bergson. Amaury Guichon was born on 15 March 1991. He is a Swiss-French pastry chef, best known for his chocolate sculptures and pastry designs. After he completed his training, he was hired to run the school and the Lenotre boutique back in Cannes. Then, after some time, he returned to Paris to work as a pastry chef at the premium Hugo & Victor Patisserie and chocolate shop and later reached the level of executive chef just at the age of 21. 

Apart from Amaury’s career details, people are also interested in knowing more about his wife, Fiona Guichon. So as you scroll down, you will find out all the available information about her and how exactly they both met. So keep reading to find out all the information.

More information about amaury guichon wife Fiona Guichon

Fiona Bergson Guichon, wife of Amaury Guichon was born on 1 April, 1995, currently 27 years old in Canada. She was raised by her parents whose identities are not still not public. Like her husband, she also has keen interest in baking and she is also the director of the International Operations for Pastry Academy of her husband Amaury Guichon in Las Vegas, which certainly means she is her boss. Not only this, but she serves as her husband’s manager. 

She once said in an interview that, “ Combination of frustrations, hours of studying professional and overcoming problems and still I am nowhere near as i would like to but who knows then…maybe one day”. She said that she needs to do a lot of work together, abandon procrastination and give up her social life for almost four years. She also said “There is only 25% of instinct in every decision that I need to make”. She further added, “So never ever neglect your instinct. And most importantly, always try to surround yourself with people that you believe in and who believe in you. 

Fiona is also the proprietor of Imperial Tattoo Connexion in Montreal. Her passion for tattoos is quite evident from the number of tattoos she has on her body. She also works as a freelance photographer. Also like Amaury, she loves travelling and travels with him whenever he has to go shooting anywhere abroad. She is also very popular on Instagram with over 100k followers. 

Her career is still the top most priority for her and she even once shared on her Instagram profile that she doesn’t have any plan of having a child anytime soon. She also added, “It’s going to be a strong statement but for all those who think alike and like me and are more focused on their career, I want them to know that they are never alone. We are just constantly underestimated and undetermined by the people around us and society’s inability to separate women and motherhood but it really doesn’t mean that we do not have the choice or are in the wrong. 

How did amaury guichon wife meet him?

Fiona Bergson Guichon actually gives information about her relationship with Amaury on her Instagram stories quite often. She revealed that they both began sharing messages for a few months. Then, they met and became fast friends and soon after, they eventually got into a relationship. She also shared that it was love at first sight for her. Then, they both had a wedding at the time of Corona, a ceremony with some of their loved ones. And so since then they both are happily living together. 


So amaury guichon wife is Fiona bergson Guichon. They both have keen interest in bakery and Amaury is professionally settled as a chef. Fiona also serves as her husband's manager and holds interest in photography and also works as a freelance photographer. She is also the proprietor of Imperial Tattoo Connexion in Montreal. They both are living happily together after getting married during the time of Covid as they both travel together and enjoy their time to the max. 

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